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Best Toddler Developmental Milk

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Best Toddler Developmental Milk


Blackmores Toddler Milk Drink is specifically formulated to support busy toddlers’ nutritional and developmental needs. Its holistic formula provides healthy, natural ingredients to nurture a child’s growth and development. 

What makes Blackmores Toddler Milk Drink special is its breakthrough patented ingredient: INFAT® Beta-palmitin that helps promote fat and calcium absorption for toddlers. The holistic Nature CompleteTM formula also contains key essential developmental nutrients such as:

-        DHA and Iodine to support normal cognitive function

-        Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A, C & D to support healthy immunity function

-        Calcium and Vitamin D to support bone growth

-        Lutein for vision development

-        GOS Prebiotics for digestive comfort

Blackmores has once again won over parents’ (and toddlers’) hearts with this tasty and nutritious drink that reflects Blackmores’ established branding, 80 over years heritage and high quality products.

Blackmores is also Australia’s leading natural health brand in vitamins and mineral supplements that focuses first on the maintenance of consumer’s overall health and wellbeing.

The product’s tagline – Nurture Is in Our Nature, recognises that a mother’s nature and intuition deserve praise and Blackmores takes pride in celebrating every milestone together with mother and child.