Meet & Greet The Polliwogs - Larry and Poco!

Meet & Greet The Polliwogs - Larry and Poco!

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10 to 12 AUG | 5:30PM to 6:10PM

For the first time, LARRY AND POCO are coming to Kids World Fair to bring joys and laughters from their funland -THE POLLIWOGS


Larry is energetic and he is an enthusiast in almost everything he does He sees adversity as a challenge and crisis and opportunity for an adventure. The fearless leader of the team, he never fails to inspire, motive and drum courage into hearts of his members even during the worst of times

The donut around his waist is often an object of intrigue and mystery. It’s always fresh but Larry never eats it. He just loves wearing it around and he doesn't seem to know why. Many believe that it is there for a reason for it and that one day Larry will discover something more about himself. 


Poco is intelligent, witty and feisty all at the same time. She comes across as the brains of The Polliwogians. She often gets the gang out of trouble by figuring out solutions to problems.

Nobody ever knows what goes on in the gigantic headphones around her head. When asked, she explains that it is just music playing. However, it is rumoured that the headphones is linked directly to her emotional system. The music changes according to her mood which in turns fuels her emotion. The truth is, nobody knows.  

Kids World will be giving out FREE Priority Passes to the winners!

Join Larry and Poco for to have serious fun at Kids World Fair!   

Come on down to Kids World Largest Parenting Fair to meet them! 

Slots are on first-come-first-served basis!

Plan your trip and come on down early 15 mins before the showtime before to get the Meet & Greet Pass!

An exclusive session, not just for the kids, but the ENTIRE family too! 

The heroes have been waiting and can't wait to see you at Kids World Fair! 


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