Muzart Learning - Art Jamming

Muzart Learning - Art Jamming

63% off! Booth: Q07 135 Parents want this!
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Muzart Learning Centre is bringing in Art Jamming for your Kids this time round! They always specially designed exclusive art curriculum & teaching methods also help to elevate a child's other important traits including:

✔️Problem solving skills
✔️Cognitive skills
✔️Behavioural issues
✔️Socialising skills
✔️Emotional intelligence 

These are traits that might often be overlooked but they are crucial in a child's developmental years. So bring your kids down to Muzart Learning Centre's booth Q07 for a Art Jamming session where creativity flows! Usual price @ $40. Now at $15!! 

About Muzart Learning Centre

MuzArt is dedicated to providing children with high-quality arts programs that nurture one's creativity and promote a positive development from young.



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