I love Myself for This is Me!

I love Myself for This is Me!

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(For ages 3 to 4 - Parent Accompanied)

In this lesson, apart from relating and identifying his/her body parts, the kinder learns that everyone is special and unique. And through parent and child bonding, the child feels positive and believe in himself or herself. Body and self awareness is essential for early childhood social and emotional growth. 

The activities at our booth include:-

1) Greeting song and body solfege singing

2) Storytelling cultivating the love for reading

3) Parent and child bonding singing and movement

4) Percussion playing promoting musicianship

5) Parent and child bonding peek-a-boo activity

6) Goodbye song

It's FREE so hola them at Booth P18!! 1st session is at 2pm and 2nd session is at 5pm

About The Music Scientist

The Music Scientist began as a dream to spread the love for science and music. The endless possibilities held in science brings wonder into our otherwise mundane lives. Yet, many students struggle with science in primary school, causing their initial fascination to sadly deteriorate into dislike and fear. We believe that what students need are an earlier start and a learning method more suited to young minds.

Our curriculum is designed based on early childhood pedagogies and music education principles. By integrating music, movement, drama, art and science together, we develop young minds holistically. We are dedicated to introducing your children to a world of beautiful phenomena through science that inspires and music that excites. We not only teach science, but also teach students to love science, giving them a head start in the rigorous science education that lies ahead of them.



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