Introduction to Montessori Education

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Introduction to Montessori Education 

Do you know what to expect when it comes to early childhood education? Any difference between Montessori, Playschool and Kindergarten? How important is teacher-child ratio? To get you started, A talk by a lecturer of MMI Academy on how your child can reap the benefits of montessori pre-school education and what its all about. 

About the School - Modern Montessori International 

Modern Montessori International - one of the leading preschool operators in the Asia Pacific region. 

The Modern Montessori International Group (MMI) is fully committed and passionate about providing only the best in pre-school learning and education. This is demonstrated in our Mission , Vision and Core Values and is extended to our responsibility to the community and the environment.

We will provide exemplary management of our pre-school services for children, ensure the design and delivery of our teacher-training programmes to the highest quality, conduct relevant and enriching continual training and education courses through MMI Academy , and provide state-of-the-art products and resources for children’s learning.